"Student Union [...] is formed by every PhD student enrolled on the PhD programme [...]"

(§ 3 of the Student Council Regulations of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS)

Collaboration with other Research Institutes

PhD Council delegates attend the Institute’s  Collegium and the Scientific Council meetings. It helps us better understand the current issues of the Institute as well as work more effectively with the Directors. We mediate between PhD students and the Directors in matters related to our functioning in the Institute. We also want to popularize the knowledge about the rights and duties of PhD students among our supervisors and PhD students themselves.

Science popularization

Representation of the PhD Students outside of the Institute

We participate in conferences and annual Doctoral Congresses, which discuss issues related to doctoral status as well as opportunities for further career paths. We aim to integrate the PhD students of the Polish Academy of Sciences - we are proud to be the first to organize the election for the representative of the PhD students of the Polish Academy of Sciences within the KRD (National Representatives of the PhD Students).

We eagerly participate in projects aimed at popularizing science and introducing knowledge about scientific work, such as the Researcher's Night organized by the Science Festival. In addition, such activities are encouraging integration of PhD students and can be interesting - diversifying life at the institute. Moreover, our goal is integration of PhD students at the Institute by organizing meetings such as Freshers party, Halloween or Wednesday is the new Friday.